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Student services and support programs

At Bellevue Park State School we offer various support programs and services for our students.
Guidance Officer
Our Guidance Officer provides specialised assessments and reports, referrals to external agencies, counselling and ongoing support to students, parents and teachers in the school. The Guidance Officer designs and assists in the implementations of individual programs for students, building strong relationships with children and families. Specialist advice on children in areas concerning the nature of disabilities, developmental levels and emotional status are also provided.
Learning Enhancement Team
At Bellevue Park State School we work together to support individual learning development to ensure that all students reach their full potential.  Classroom teachers personalise the learning in their classrooms and select strategies to support students at all levels of development.  The Learning Enhancement Team works with classroom teachers and students by supporting learning programs designed to cater for individual student differences.
Special Education Program (Equip Centre)
Bellevue Park State School is committed to enhancing inclusive education opportunities and improved outcomes for students with disabilities through the provision of support programs in the school environment. The Special Education Program is made up of a  team of special education teachers, classroom teachers and teacher aides who work together to deliver Individual Education Plans for students with disabilities.  The Individual Education Plan is developed in consultation with parents to ensure the barriers to learning are identified and appropriate support is implemented. At Bellevue Park State School students and staff value diversity in the school community and embrace difference.  Students with disabilities participate fully, both inside and outside of the classroom, accessing additional support when necessary. ​
 Speech Language Pathologist
Our Speech Language Pathologist visits the school to provide expertise and practical assistance in the support of students with speech or language difficulties. This highly valued role involves assessment of students’ speech and language needs, provision of advice and support materials to teachers and in some cases, provisions of individual or small group therapy sessions.